From left to right: George Johnson, Arthur Johnson and Cliff Johnson (aged 5) in 1935
From left to right: George Johnson, Arthur Johnson and Cliff Johnson (aged 5) in 1935

A Timeline of the Life of George Johnson and G&C Johnson (Claxby) LTD


1907- George Johnson was born at Greetwell, near Scawby.

1920- George left Thealby School at 13 years of age and went to work on a farm working for a wage of 15 shillings a year (roughly £75 in today's money!) He worked with Horses and described himself as a good 'Stacker and Thatcher'.

1932- Borrowed £100 from his father-in-law and bought his first lorry - a 'Ford T' Mainly delivering coal during the day and ice cream at night around the village of North Kelsey.

1930's/40's- Ran a fleet of lorries of mainly Bedfords and Commers on Tipper work and moving livestock.

Late 30's-40's- Became heavily involved in the construction of RAF Airfields around Lincolnshire.

1952- Nationalised- Post war Labour government took control of all lorries.

1954- De-nationalised- Bought farmstead at Crosby Grange, Scunthorpe and formed G&C Johnson (Claxby) LTD.

1956- George's Daughter, Ruth Whitwell joined the company and served as Company Secretary until her retirement in 1997.

1961-Having driven Scunthorpe United Football Club around in one of his coaches for many years, George became a Director of the club and remained so for 21 years.

1960's- Johnson's began building its fleet to around 35 lorries with additional depots at Goole ran by George's eldest son Cliff Johnson and at Killingholme managed by George's brother Arthur Johnson.

1971- George's second son Colin Johnson joined the company.

1977- George's Grandson Neil Johnson (Colin's son) joined the company.

1980's- Considerable expansion of storage facilities on site at Crosby Grange.

1987- Ron Lovell, General Manager, retired after 34 years' service. Ron was largely responsible for expanding the company through the 60's and 70's and guiding the company through difficult times such as lorry drivers, coal and steel strikes.

1996- George, at the age of 89, goes to college to do a computer course to keep himself up-to-date with the modern world!

2002- Johnsons complete the building of a new warehouse as they celebrate their 70th anniversary a couple of weeks after George's 95th Birthday. At this point George Johnson still played an active part in the business as its Chairman and visited the office every week.

2004- George Johnson died aged 97. George was a Road Haulage Association Life Member and was Vice-President of Scunthorpe United FC!

2012- Johnson's celebrates its 80th anniversary as Colin Johnson celebrates his 80th birthday and is still working at the company 6 days a week!

2020- Colin Johnson died aged 87. Right to the end Colin could be found around the yard still working 6 days a week notoriously keeping everyone in check!

2021- George's Great Grandson, Ryan Johnson becomes a Director of the company. 

2022- G&C Johnson celebrates its 90th Anniversary as it completes an expansion of the yard at Crosby Grange to accomodate more parking. 


George Johnson 1972
George Johnson 1972